An engaging, popular speaker, Greg teaches key audiences how to:

  • Message with impact

  • Enliven their stories

  • Manage with greater creativity

Sample TOPICS Include:


How do you tell a compelling business story? And what you should include? Great scoundrels make great stories, in the movies and in business. To capture the audience’s attention, focus on the “villains” — whatever causes pain, expense or frustration for your customers, who are the "victims." You will learn how to deliver bold messages, translated into narratives, with human actors, sensory details and drama. This presentation is based on Greg’s book, Branding With Powerful Stories: The Villains, Victims, and Heroes Model.


What does Michelangelo have to do with marketing? What can you learn about branding from Botticelli? Greg will share proven techniques to add punch to your promotional strategies -- with a lot of help from the great artists and writers. Delight your eyes with sumptuous, color masterpieces and learn to see the problem at hand from novel perspectives. This presentation is based on Greg’s first book, Artful Business: 50 Lessons From Creative Geniuses

Greg has delivered speeches at the executive programs at Harvard Business School and at conferences sponsored by The CEO Club of Boston, The Art of Management & Organization (in Slovenia and Britain), Columbia Business School (at The Bright Conference), The Society for Marketing Professional Services (in Boston, Saratoga and San Diego), The Legal Marketing Association, The Public Relations Society of America and many others.

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