We can help you craft convincing stories, teach your spokespeople how to convey colorful messages, and help your executives boost their presence



Representative Projects:

  • Helping an AI startup define its brand

  • Teaching leading scientists how to explain their research

  • Media-training professors at leading business schools

  • Advising four spokespeople appearing on 60 Minutes

  • Coaching Fortune 20 managers on executive presence



As an experienced interviewer, Greg can conduct a strategic branding “audit” for your company – based on conversations with employees, clients, competitors, vendors, reporters and bloggers. At the end of the process, we will generate telling messages and recommend powerful tactics that you can implement immediately.

presentation skills and MEDIA TRAINING

After extensive research on your business, we will videotape and critique your executives as they deliver presentations or respond to targeted questions. We’ll focus on both style and content and you will benefit from Greg’s extensive experience as a journalist and writer. He will teach you how to use your voice as a tool and, above all, how to relax on camera or in person.

In addition, he’ll help you craft PowerPoint slides that will captivate, not torture, the audience. .

executive coaching

We will teach your leaders how to achieve the elusive quality called executive presence, that rare combination of visible gravitas, enchanced appearance and compelling communication skills. First we can generate a “360 view” of a given leader through interviews with his or her direct reports, managers and key customers to discover strengths and weaknesses, then we will monitor performance over time.


With headlines screaming about fraud, corruption, terrorism and workplace violence, crises of disturbing magnitude may land at your door. If so, Greg can offer ongoing advice to both board members and executives to help preserve your reputation. He has trained four spokespersons for appearances on 60 Minutes.

During his prior career as a journalist — including a stint as the investigative reporter — Greg interviewed numerous executives and public officials in compromising positions. You will benefit from this expertise.