Our Philosophy

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A word on our approach:

We believe that communication, which is really a matter of storytelling, is a skill you can learn.

Try to imitate a radio announcer by painting visual images that place the audience on the scene.

Reach for the drama in the mundane.

There’s an old adage in Hollywood that great villains make great movies. Corporate stories work the same way. Tell us about your “enemies.” They need not be animate. Disease, inefficiency, waste, pollution, bureaucracy, fear and expense are all worthy opponents. Does your product or service help?

Avoid clichés and overused terms that will weaken your story, such as: revolutionary, unique, reliable, scalable, synergy (or worse, “2 + 2 = 5”), going forward, leveraging, deconstructing, sprinkling pixie dust “around” a new program, growing your business, or embracing the customer.

Turning the hackneyed phrase on end, try to think “inside the box.” That means finding creative solutions within the confines of limited resources, budgets, time or personnel.