-GregStone-ArtfulBusiness-coverV14Afini_WITHtemplate_3-17-16Featuring a dazzling collection of color masterpieces, Greg Stone’s new book, Artful Business: 50 Lessons From Creative Geniuses, will give you novel tools to spark your imagination. Simply turn to any page at random if you are struggling to find creative solutions. You can find the book here on Amazon.

You will discover that Michelangelo and a modern marketing executive, or Botticelli and a brand manager, have a lot in common. In each chapter you will see sumptuous art and stimulating ideas on facing pages, with probing questions to help you see in a way that will yield new perspectives on strategy or messaging.

The 50 chapters are divided into six sections:

  • Projecting Like an Artist (going beyond)
  • Mastering Applied Art (learning the techniques)
  • Eyeing The Mind, Minding the Eye (making visuals count)
  • Mirroring Geniuses (thinking like the great ones)
  • Exploiting the Everyday (using what’s in front of you)
  • Venturing Where Only Artists Go (traveling farther)